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Judo is a martial art and an Olympic sport like no other. For Lauren Meece, The Judo Community's founder, judo provided not only a place to belong but an origination of strength and community. Competing in the 2000 Olympics at the age of 17, Lauren became the youngest judoka at the time to represent the United States. After a major revelation in life, Lauren's newfound passion for judo lies in a secret that she will share with you upon joining The Judo Community.

The main goals of The Judo Community are to create an environment for families and individuals that not only promotes discipline and hard work but also supports its members in learning strategies and bonding mechanisms among its participants.

Currently scheduling one on one and family sessions that can take place at a park or in your home. You can choose from a variety of training options including special needs judo training sessions, recreational judo training sessions, and competitive judo training sessions.

Contact The Judo Community for scheduling and pricing information.

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